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หัวข้อ : What is Asian Handicap Betting? How to Successfully Play Asian Handicap in Football (Profit Guaranteed)

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กระทู้ : What is Asian Handicap Betting? How to Successfully Play Asian Handicap in Football (Profit Guaranteed)

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Asian Handicap betting is not widely known to everyone because it’s not a standard type of bet like Handicap or 1X2. It is a distinctive form of online football betting characterized by the timing of your entry into the free vip betting tips telegram

Because of its uniqueness, in order to win, you need to thoroughly understand it. Experience from professionals will help you achieve the expected results.

Definition of Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap, also known as Asian Line or simply Handicap, is a term referring to placing your bet after the match has started. Unlike conventional betting, you don’t analyze and predict early on, but rather wait for both teams to start playing.

There are various reasons for this approach, such as securing a sure win or lack of time for analysis. However, regardless of the reasons, betting after the match has started comes with its own set of challenges that you must remember.

What is Asian Handicap Betting in the First Half?

Asian Handicap betting in the first half is a type of bet that starts in the first half and is settled at the end of the first 45 minutes of the match or full time (including injury time). The confirmation time for the bet must be within this period, and the type of bet you choose can be for the first half only or for the entire match.

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This term refers to the timing of your bet, not the time frame it applies to.

For example: In the 30th minute of the match, you can bet Over/Under 0.75 for the first half and 2.25 for the entire match. One bet is for the first 45 minutes, the other is for the full match, but since they are placed in the first half, they are grouped under first-half bets.

What is Asian Handicap Betting in the Second Half?

Asian Handicap betting in the second half starts from the beginning of the second half and ends at the end of the match. You need to determine the outcome based on the match result and compare it with the timing of your bet.

If you’re familiar with reading football odds, you’ll notice that bookmakers always have an additional section specifically for the second half. This means these odds apply only to the second half.

Characteristics of Asian Handicap Betting

Bookmakers have clear rules about placing bets after the ball has been kicked off. To prevent people from taking advantage of this for easy wins, betting platforms will require you to place bets within a fixed time frame.

Note: These types of bets can change continuously. Odds can fluctuate within 2 – 3 minutes, so you need to act quickly.

Effective Strategies for Playing Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap betting is executed after the match has started.

In high-stakes matches, the time for changes can be as short as 1 – 2 minutes. Therefore, only experienced and skilled individuals can effectively play Asian Handicap betting. In case of critical situations, the odds can change rapidly.

Although challenging, anyone passionate about betting wants to try their luck with this type of bet at least once. By observing signs on the field, you’ll have a better chance of winning.

Sometimes, with just one successful Asian Handicap bet, you can recover all your previously lost capital.

Effective strategies for playing Asian Handicap bets involve combining analysis, team lineup assessment, tactics, injuries, and on-field developments. With sufficient sharpness and knowledge, your chances of winning these bets are significantly high.

Types of Bets in Asian Handicap Betting

When playing Asian Handicap bets, you can place bets on various types such as:

  • Over/Under

  • Asian Handicap

  • Card Betting

  • Corner Betting

  • European Handicap (1×2)

In Vietnam, many people prefer playing Asian Handicap bets because they are easy to understand and potentially profitable. Determining the outcome when following this type of bet is also simpler compared to others.

Most tutorial videos on YouTube about Asian Handicap betting often direct you towards playing over/under bets.

How Much Can You Win with Asian Handicap Betting?

Similar to other forms of betting, after the results are out, the bookmaker calculates your winnings. If you win, you receive a reward corresponding to the betting odds; if you lose, you lose your stake.

However, it’s crucial to understand how much you can win with Asian Handicap bets to ensure there are no errors. Some unreliable bookmakers may calculate losses improperly, causing you to miss out on the deserved rewards.

The winnings from Asian Handicap bets are calculated based on the odds at the time of placing the bet.

Formula: Winnings = Stake x Odds at the time of placing the bet

In terms of betting, you follow these steps:

Step 1: Monitor the odds board provided by the bookmaker after the match has started.

Step 2: Observe the match’s developments and choose a suitable time to bet according to the bookmaker’s regulations.

Step 3: Select the bet and the amount you wish to wager, then confirm and double-check if the bet has been successful.

Step 4: Wait for the result and determine whether you win or lose.

Examples to Understand Asian Handicap Betting

To help you understand Asian Handicap betting better, here are some specific examples:

1. Betting on the First Half

Let’s consider the betting board of a match in the Belgian Second Division between Standard Liege II and RSC Anderlecht II. The match has been ongoing for 5 minutes with the current score at 0 – 0.

The bookmaker offers an Over/Under bet with odds set at 2.5/3, indicating a predicted total of 3 goals for the match.

Suppose the match ends with a score of 3 – 1 => a total of 4 goals, and you wagered 1,000K:

  • Bet Over wins 1,000K x 0.9 = 900K

  • Bet Under loses 1,000K

2. Betting on the Second Half

Let’s take an example from a match in the Spanish Second Division between Granada CF and S.D.Huesca. The second half has been underway for 32 minutes with the score at 0 – 0.

At this point, Granada is giving S.D Huesca a 0/0.5 handicap for the full match. Suppose the match ends with a score of Granada 0 – 0 S.D Huesca, and you wagered 1,000K:

  • Bet on Granada loses 1,000K

  • Bet on SD Huesca wins 1,000 x 0.56 = 560K

3. Asian Handicap Betting in Major Leagues

Let’s consider the betting board of a match between Girona and Real Sociedad. The match has progressed into the second half and has been underway for 22 minutes with the score at 3 – 3.

The bookmaker predicts a total of 7 goals for this match. If you believe that no more goals will be scored, you choose Under with odds at 0.90. If you predict there will be 2 or more additional goals, you choose Over with odds at 1.00.

Professional Betting Experience with Asian Handicap Betting

From the concept itself, it’s clear that playing Asian Handicap bets isn’t as easy as you might think. Despite having many advantages, you can still lose money if you lack the necessary skills.

Refer to professional insights on playing Asian Handicap bets in football to secure your winnings. These insights also help you avoid falling into traps due to misguided betting decisions.

1. Understand Asian Handicap Betting Regulations at Each Bookmaker

Each betting platform will have different rules regarding the timing of accepting bets. Additionally, the payout rates they offer vary.

Before buying a ticket, make sure to read the rules carefully to ensure you don’t make mistakes. Don’t overlook the terms regarding rejected bets by the bookmakers.

If you’ve followed all the requirements correctly but your ticket still gets canceled, contact customer support. The staff will investigate and provide specific reasons to help you understand better.

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2. Properly Play Over/Under Bets in Asian Handicap

As mentioned earlier, Vietnamese bettors prefer playing Asian Handicap bets, especially Over/Under bets. You should also start with this type of bet to secure easier wins.

The most suitable time to play is at the beginning of the first or second half. This is when the players from both sides are highly motivated with full energy, engaging in intense battles on the field.

Based on the available factors, you can easily predict how many goals will be scored.

3. Effective Strategies for Playing Handicap Bets

Asian Handicap bettors can also apply this strategy effectively if they prefer. In this type, you should invest in the final minutes of the first or second half, betting against the Over/Under.

A common practice among many bettors is to start around the 46th minute. At this point, the match becomes more intense than ever, and the number of people betting is also high.

Bookmakers’ betting boards provide more information, making it easier for you to analyze quickly.

4. Choose Matches for Asian Handicap Betting Carefully

You shouldn’t bet on every match with Asian Handicap betting. You need to be selective to ensure you choose the right match that will bring you victory.

Many experts advise you to only try your luck with matches from reputable and major leagues. You can consider Premier League, Championship, La Liga, Spanish Second Division, Ligue 1, Serie A, etc.

In conclusion, Asian Handicap betting offers an exciting and potentially rewarding experience for football enthusiasts. By understanding the dynamics, regulations, and effective strategies, you can enhance your chances of success in this unique form of betting. Remember to stay informed, choose matches wisely, and enjoy the thrill of betting responsibly.


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